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Smoky  Mountain  Shaggers

PO Box 53151

Knoxville, TN  37912

Contact Name

Gerry Anders 

Phone Number


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When And Where We Dance


7:00pm to 10:00pm @ 

Gilley's @Cedar Bluff

Holiday Inn Select


Special Club Party once a month - see website

Just a stones throw away from the Smoky Mountain National Park, you’ll find the Smoky Mountain Shaggers dancing in Knoxville, TN.

Sunday nights are the main club meeting nights at Gilley's in The Cedar Bluff Holiday Inn Select from 7pm-10pm. Shag lessons are taught by Jim Corbitt,  Anita Keye,  Gerry and Pat Anders at 6pm on Sundays. The club DJ spins the tunes for the usual group of about 60 shaggers dancing on the 10 x 40 wood dance floor. The floor has an unusual jagged shape to it, with mirrors and murals on the walls, but it’s a nice floor for shagging. Snacks are provided near the bar, and a full service restaurant is right next door for those that prefer a meal. There is no cover charge to join in on the fun. With the newly passed Tennessee public smoking ban, this facility complies with the regulations for non- smoking. Smokers must go to designated smoking areas outside. There is plenty of seating, including around the bar, at tables and the lounge area. This club of around 190 members is fortunate to have a couple of other venues available during the week for shag dancing. They also usually have a special party once a month.

This club also hosts a well known annual Smoky Mountain Boogie weekend in late March  in Pigeon Forge.

These Tennessee Volunteers enjoy a good time and they will happily make you a part of the “family”. You’ll see many of them traveling to other shag club parties, and you won’t miss them “tailgating” at the beach during SOS events.

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